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The benefits of listing your property or item as a competition prize

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Some of the benefits of listing your property or item with FrogHopping...

There’s no risk of getting anything less than your asking price if your item sells:

By choosing your own minimum selling price, you’re in control of how much needs to be raised before your item is offered as a prize. Only if this price is reached from ticket revenue is your property or item transferred to the competition winner.

It’s a win-win opportunity for every owner who lists their property or item with us:

We give all property/item owners 1% of the competition revenue if their property/item doesn’t reach their minimum selling price in a competition. This way, the only two possible outcomes of listing your property/item with us are;

1. We sell your property/item for at least your asking price OR;

2. We give you 1% of the competition revenue in cash at the close of the competition.

You can list your property/item eleswhere at the same time as listing it with us.

If your property/item sells elsewhere while your competition is underway at FrogHopping, we simply draw a winner at this time from the entries received and your property/item competition closes. This way, listing your property/item in one of our competitions doesn’t affect any other marketing you wish to carry out.


You don’t have to do any of the preparation to create your listing and we promote your competition for you.

We prepare your listing, free of charge. We also carry out all the promotion for your competition, so you can just sit and watch as the competition plays out.

There is no charge to list your property/item in one of our competitions.

There are no charges or fees associated with listing your property/item as a prize in one of our competitions. In fact, there are no costs to you at all.

Your property/item can be listed with us and generating revenue for you within 2 weeks of your instruction.

We’ll prepare your listing and send you a draft for you to check before launching your competition. If you're happy with everything, your competition will be ready to go live.

If you'd like more information on listing your property or item with us, please email us at and a member of the team will be happy to help you.


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