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Tips for Property Sellers

Minimum Selling Price

This is the minimum amount you would be prepared to sell your property for. By listing your property in a competition, you may get significantly more than this. However, you must be prepared to sell your property for this amount if the prize fund reached by ticket sales meets this value.

We recommend allocating a minimum selling price at a value which attracts people to enter the competition (the lower the MSP the more attractive the competition is for entrants).


Your photos

Unlike conventional property marketing, entrants will be participating in your property competition without viewing it in person. This makes it essential to have a good selection of photos.

If you don't have photos available or would like us to visit your property to prepare these for you, please discuss this with a member of the team. If you choose to take your own photos, please include photos of the main rooms (with a wide lens if you have one) to give a clear impression of the property and its main features.


Video tours

We offer a free video-presenter service, from our professional online presenters, who can visit your property and create a professional video tour. This can be an extremely valuable tool in raising the profile of your listing. To discuss this service and to arrange an appointment, please call us.


Your description

We can discuss this with you and prepare it for you if you would prefer. Your property description should be an honest appraisal of your property. If there is work to be done, or elements which require updating, this should be included within the listing – many people looking to take on a new property see the opportunity to make changes as a benefit.

Be as accurate as you can with dimensions of rooms. While we can offer guidance and even prepare your listing for you, the details displayed are what the competition entrants rely on when entering your competition and you are responsible for ensuring these are as accurate as is reasonably possible.


Adding a floorplan

You can upload a floorplan within the photos of your listing. It's not essential, but can be useful. Only do this if you feel confident that your floorplan will be accurate and fair/true. Again, this is something we can prepare for you if you prefer.

If you require any further guidance or would like to speak to a member of the team, please do not hesitate to email us using the address provided at the bottom of the page – we’re happy to help and arrange a call back.

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