How We Draw A Winner


We broadcast each of our competition draws on our website and social media accounts.

Every entry into the competition is represented by a printed ticket, which is added to the draw.  (Only entries which have been submitted with the correct answer to the competition question are included)

Participants who have purchased more than one ticket will have an additional ticket added to the draw for each purchase made.

All tickets are placed into the FrogHopping Random Ticket Selector and a guest is invited to blindly pick a ticket from the machine at random.

Only one side of the winning ticket is displayed to the audience. This reveals the first name and a partly-hidden phone number of the winning entrant.

This method protects the winner's full identity, while showing the audience that a winner has been drawn. 

On the reverse of the ticket, the full name of the winner and their full contact number is displayed, and the Draw host will attempt to contact the winner by phone during the broadcast.

If the winner is not contactable at this time, we will continue to attempt to contact them by phone and email following the draw.

Following the draw, all remaining tickets are destroyed to ensure the personal details of entrants remain confidential.

Full details of the Terms and Conditions for each competition can be found here. Alternatively, please contact us with any questions or queries.