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Christmas Cash Box

Competition ID: CC2512

Cash to cover your mortgage or rent..... FOR A YEAR!

(estimated prize fund £20,000)

Competition entrance fee:

£4.32 (free by post)

Hurry! Ticket price increases by 20% each week until Christmas!

Minimum Prize Value:

80% of revenue

Competition end date:

 23rd Dec 2022

Gift box_edited.png

Competition Details

With the ongoing struggle to meet living costs this winter, our Christmas Cash Box competition could help to cover your mortgage or rent for your accommodation FOR A YEAR!


As with all our competitions, the Christmas Cash Box competition allocates 80% of the competition revenue to the prize fund. We're targeting a final prize fund amount of £20,000 and the more entrants, the bigger the prize pot.


As with our property competitions, after allocating the prize money, 20% of the remaining revenue is donated to Shelter UK, our nominated charity.

Entering The Competition

This competition has a stretching ticket price, which means it increases by 20% each Sunday until the closing date. So, the earlier you enter, the cheaper the tickets!

The competition closes at Midday on 23rd December 2022 and we'll be emailing the winner and posting the results on the results page at Midday on Christmas Day!! This gives you the perfect opportunity to celebrate on Christmas Day!

Enter for your chance to win or allocate tickets to a friend or loved one and we'll send them a gift certificate on your behalf (optional).

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