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If you've been invited to become a FrogHopping promotor, read on!

Below you'll find all the information you need to learn how you can promote our competitions from home and earn a percentage of the competition revenue.

1. Firstly, you need to be familiar with how our competitions work. Please browse through the website and view the competitions available.

2. As a promotor, you will be allocated a specific competition to promote for 1 day at a time.

3. You will receive 2% of ALL revenue we receive for this specific competition during the day of your promoting. (Our competitions often hope to reach over £1m in a 6 month period)

4. As a freelance promotor, how you promote the competition is up to you. (A wide social media following can work to your advantage here.)

5. Once you have been approved as a promotor, you will be notified of the date, which is allocated to you. On this day, you will be invited to promote the competition. (This date can be adjusted if it is not convenient to you.)

What happens next?

Please complete the form below to confirm that you would like to be selected as a competition promotor.

Once we have received your form, we will contact you to confirm your promoting date. We're also on hand should you require any guidance regarding your promotional methods or other information.

Following your promoting date, you'll be sent a payment slip, confirming the total commission due to you.

If your promotional work is successful, further opportunities will be offered to you.

Become a Promotor
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Thank you! We'll be in touch shortly.

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