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Presenter audition details and

Terms and Conditions


Website: the domain of

We/Us/Our/the Business: The business trading as

The Audition:

Auditions selected to be posted on the Website for the public voting stage will be listed to enable Website visitors to vote for their favourite presenter.


Voters may vote for any listed candidate but may only cast one vote. For this reason, we request that voters submit their email address to help prevent individual voters from casting more than one vote. Multiple votes cast from the same email address will not be counted.

The successful candidate:

At the close of the voting period (28th February, 2021) the candidate identified as receiving the most votes from site visitors will be selected to fill the role of Main Presenter.

The candidate filling this role will be invited to submit a final presentation video, which will be featured on the homepage of the Website, for which they will receive a payment of £1000 upon submission. The candidate will also be offered the opportunity for further presentation videos as a Regional Presenter, as required, for which they will be offered £500 per presentation. These further presentations will be used to showcase a particular property or property location to be featured on the Website.


Runner-up auditioning candidates will also be offered Regional presenter roles with Us, according to the strength of the candidates’ auditions and Our presentation requirements.

Regional Presenters will be offered £500 per presentations, as well as a 1% revenue share of the Competition revenue generated from the Property Listing for which the Presentation is associated. In this way, Presenters will directly financially benefit from submitting effective Presentations.

The Main Presenter role and the Regional Presenter role are Freelance positions.


Why we use a public voting system to select presenters

Using a public voting system  provides Us with valuable information about the candidates' popularity and their potential to draw public attention.

Candidates with presentations which attract a high number of public votes are considered more suited to the Presenter roles.

A candidate may invite voters to their audition as a means of increasing public awareness of their presentation and encouraging votes.


Candidates submitting an audition and voters submitting a vote confirm they have read and accept the Terms and details described here and confirm they understand the audition process.

Submitting an audition beyond the deadline for the voting stages or requesting not to be inlcuded in the voting stages

While candidates not included in the voting stage will not be eligible for the main Presenter role, candidates may still audition for the Regional Presenter position. Auditions submitted in this way will be reviewed and considered privately by us.

Regional Presenters who are successful in their audition will be invited to produce presentations as they become required in their area. All presenter roles are freelance positions.

If you require any further information on our presenter positions, please contact us.