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FrogHoppingTM offers a fun and innovative way of winning and selling property and sought after items.

Our property listing option means the dream of home ownership becomes possible for many who would otherwise be unable to buy.

Our platform also allows listers to post their property or item quickly and easily, and even have the chance of receiving more than their asking price!

FrogHoppingTM has been hosting competitions since the start of 2021 and thousands of entrants use our fund-raising competition platform.

For property listings, we calculate the Prize Fund, the Stamp Duty Allowance and our Conveyancing Fee contribution from 80% of the revenue received from competition entries.* We are proud to donate 20% of the remaining revenue to Shelter UK; a charity, which helps people struggling with poor housing and homelessness throughout the UK. To find out more about how our competitions work, please visit our 'how it works' page.

FrogHoppingTM is a trading name of Zelar Investments Ltd - a venture development company, registered in the UK. Company number: 13117215

To discuss how we can help you or for more information on the FrogHoppingTM platform, please email

*For details on how we calculate the prize fund and the property purchase price, please see our Terms and Conditions

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